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Dr. Michael Cutler

Dear friend,

If your knees "scream" when you bend…

…your joints forecast the temperature better than your local weatherman…

…your legs swell up like sausages…

…or your back "goes out" more than you do…

…then you simply MUST KNOW about this breakthrough discovery that's helping folks over 40:


So was ABC's Prime Time News until they broke the story that unlocked a secret nutrient…

…that led to this NEWEST breakthrough in joint repair!

My name is Michael Cutler, M.D. and here's how this remarkable discovery unfolded:

Back in 2000, Prime Time News featuring Connie Chung introduced America to an unusual Japanese village.

In this village, just two hours outside of Tokyo, a strange phenomenon was occurring…

…every morning, Hiroshi Sakamoto springs out of bed to farm his field. He seldom comes home until his noon meal…

…Hiroshi is 86 years old…

…and he's one of the "young" ones.

Tadanao Takahashi has worked in the blaring sun for over 50 years, never once using sun block or skin cream…

…yet his skin is soft and smooth…

…at the ripe age of 93!

What's more…

…many of the "seniors" in the village of Yuzuri Hara are acting 30… 40… even 50 years younger than their biological age…

Feel Better…
Look Better…
Live Better!

Are you sick and tired of being constantly dogged by aches and pains… and nagged by the embarrassing ailments we all experience as we age?

If you want to feel young again… you need True Health Weekly™!

Dr. Cutler Talking

My name is Michael Cutler, M.D. and I'm the Medical Advisor for True Health™. I created True Health Weekly™ to deliver you weekly breakthrough remedies and discoveries to help boost your energy levels… fight off common health problems… and help you enjoy life on your terms.

And the best news is each weekly issue is delivered FREE and straight to your inbox!

Here is just some of what you can expect…

  • How to Help Keep Your Arteries Whistle Clean: Discover the simple amino acid that scrubs arteries CLEAN!
  • See Clearly Well Into Your 90’s: Think it's your age that’s affecting your eyesight… think again!
  • Triple Your Odds for Optimum Heart Health: Triple your energy levels… triple your heart health… and triple the amounts of antioxidants in your body!
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…with smooth skin, flexible joints, full heads of hair and eagle sharp eyesight!

In fact more than 10 percent of the village population is over 85 years old.

That's 10 TIMES the American norm!

No wonder this amazing community is called "The Village of Long Life"!

Town doctor reveals secret to the "Village of Long Life"!

After studying the villagers for decades, noted physician and author, Dr. Toyosuke Komori discovered their secret for strong bones, flexible joints, age-defying skin, and 20/20 vision…

…It turns out, while other regions in Japan grow rice…

…the hilly terrain of this village is better suited for harvesting healthier carbohydrates like satsumaimo (a type of sweet potato), satoimo (sticky white potato), imoji (potato root) and a gelatinous root vegetable called konyaku.

The common ingredient in this diet?

It's a remarkably healthy substance called hyaluronic acid (pronounced: Hi-ya-loo-ron-ic).

Nature's "Shock Absorbers" for your joints!

Hyaluronic acid is a water-gelling molecule found in the synovial fluid surrounding your joints, cartilage and skin tissues.

Think of hyaluronic acid as a natural "lube job" for your joints. It fills space in between cells in the connective tissues. This cushions your joints so you can bend and flex with ease!

When you're young, hyaluronic acid is abundant in your body. But as you get older, your natural production decreases.

This slowdown causes your skin to wrinkle… brain and eye tissues shrink… joint spaces narrow… bone rubs on bone… hair thins… and you start to look old.

Without sufficient hyaluronic acid to protect your bones, you quickly experience:

Thanks to a revolutionary new formula developed by True Health™, you get essential hyaluronic acid to help restore joint flexibility. In fact…

…this patented formula contains 8 ALL STAR pain-fighting nutrients in one easy-to-take capsule!

It's called JointFlex Complete™! And this remarkable formula works wonders to help restore joint health. Here's why:

JointFlex Complete™ contains the patent pending nutrient complex called…

BioCell Collagen II®—70 TIMES more bio-absorbable—
that means it goes to work IMMEDIATELY
to help eliminate your joint problems!

When scientists discovered the healing potential of hyaluronic acid—it was a medical breakthrough…

But additional research uncovered that hyaluronic acid is just one of the critical nutrients you need to restore healthy joints.

The synovial fluid in your joints contains hyaluronic acid, collagen and chondroitin sulfate. For powerful joint relief, you need a healthy balance of these three amazing nutrients. And that's exactly what you get with BioCell Collagen II®!

In fact, research shows the patented process makes collagen molecules smaller… absorbable… and bio-available. What's more…

Recipient of 3 U.S.
Patents: #6025327, 6323319 and 6780841

The new "Super Food"
for your joints!

BioCell Collagen II® provides the ultimate reconstructive materials for your joints!

FACT: BioCell Collagen II® is derived from 100% pure chicken sternum cartilage of young chickens.

FACT: BioCell Collagen II® is carefully manufactured through a patented process to contain high concentrations of hydrolyzed collagen type II protein and low molecular weight GAG's (glycosaminoglycans), such as Chondroitin Sulfate, Hyaluronic Acid and other proteoglycans that readily absorb through the Gastrointestinal tract to allow superior bioavailability.

FACT: This unique profile makes BioCell Collagen II® a "Super Food"—providing joints with powerful reconstructive materials.

FACT: The BioCell Collagen II®—available in JointFlex Complete™ does not contain glucosamine or any other type of shellfish by-product. It is safe to take if you have shellfish allergies.

RESULT: With BioCell Collagen II® found exclusively in JointFlex Complete™, you can help repair and restore joint health in record time! Try it for yourself during this 100% RISK FREE!

One clinical study performed by Dr. William Judy found the hyaluronic acid in BioCell Collagen II® was absorbed at a rate of 7,008 percent higher than the control group after just 12 hours! That's 70 TIMES more absorption power!

Collagen is the protein found in your body's connective tissue. There are 14 different types of collagen in your body. For example, Type I collagen keeps your skin smooth and supple. But for healthy tendons, ligaments, joints and cartilage, only Type II collagen can get the job done!

The sad truth is most joint supplements don't even contain collagen—and if they do, it's the WRONG kind! No wonder you're not getting any real and long-lasting pain relief!

But you get optimal doses of
Type II collagen in JointFlex Complete™—the only collagen that improves and helps restores
joint function!

And research shows this amazing blend of nutrients can help put an end to your joint pain. Here's the evidence:

A placebo-controlled, double blind study directed by Dr. Eric Sheldon, a clinical research investigator at Miami Research Associates examined 16 men and women with joint problems.

One group was administered BioCell Collagen II® supplements for 8 weeks. The other group was given a placebo. The results?

The entire BioCell Collagen II® group—that's 100%—reported a decrease in joint pain and stiffness in their knees, hips and hands—as well as overall improvements to their quality of life! All of them!

That's because the powerful components that make up BioCell Collagen II® can quickly help you restore synovial fluid to your joints:

BioCell Collagen II® complex contains only low molecular weight chondroitin sulfate. With this greater absorption rate, the chondroitin sulfate can quickly get into your bloodstream and joints and start to work! What's more…

…chondroitin sulfate also helps block bad enzymes that can damage cartilage! With healthy doses of chondroitin sulfate—you create a regular stream of healing water into cartilage. This helps:

…MAXIMUM shock absorption for joints… a soft and gentle cushion for the nerves at the end of your bones… and the right balance of water in your connective tissues for ultimate joint health!

BioCell Collagen II® is safe… effective…
and ready to help you put an end to your joint problems!

23 Scientific Studies
Confirm It!

The remarkable nutrient that helps:

  • Dissolve inflamed tissues!
  • Stop inflammation quickly—without any negative side effects!
  • Dissolve blood clots!

"Serrapeptase may become the most widely used nutritional supplement of all time because of its effectiveness with such a wide range of conditions confirmed by 23 studies."

—Robert Redfern
Author of "The Miracle Enzyme"

Numerous clinical research and trials prove BioCell Collagen II® is safe, effective and bio-available. That means this stellar complex of synovial fluid nutrients starts to work the minute you take it!

With JointFlex Complete™, you get the full power of BioCell Collagen II® to create healthy synovial fluid to cushion your delicate joints and tendons. But that's just the tip of the iceberg!

JointFlex Complete™ also helps you put an end to the hidden cause of most joint problems!

In fact, you're about to discover…

How a tiny silk moth unlocked the secret to help clobber inflammation!

8 powerful joint restoring nutrients
in ONE easy-to-take formula!

Why pay for all of these—when you can get this!

Ingredient Amount Benefit If Purchased Separately
BioCell Collagen II®: 1000 mg Replenishes synovial fluid to cushion joints; provides raw material to create and keep cartilage flexible and healthy; blocks cartilage-destroying enzymes $38.50
Boswellia serata extract 300 mg Helps block enzyme that triggers 5-LOX pain $13.49
MSM 250 mg Helps create new muscles, restore collagen and rebuild healthy cartilage $21.95
Ginger root powder 200 mg Helps regulate inflammation and joint discomforts $13.67
Tumeric root extract (95% curcumin) 200 mg Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant powers. $13.99
Bromelain 200 mg Powerful inflammation fighter. Wonderful for severe toe pain $13.99
Serrapeptase 20 mg Reduces joint problems and helps repair damaged tissues $29.99
BioAstin® 10 mg Delivers 550 times more antioxidant power to help clobber free radicals $24.99
If purchased separately: $169.57
Price of JointFlex Complete™ (per bottle on 12-mo. offer): $29.95
You save up to: $139.62 per month!
*Based on 12 month supply

Have you ever watched a caterpillar break out of its cocoon and become a butterfly?

If so, you've witnessed one of God's most powerful healing agents!

Scientists have discovered the potent enzyme the silk moth uses to dissolve its cocoon…

…can also help your body dissolve blood clots… scar tissue… and damaged cells that trigger inflammation in your joints!

In other words, this amazing enzyme called serrapeptase (pronounced: sir-rah-pep-tase) is a natural way to help regulate inflammation. It does it in two amazing ways:

#1: Helps shrink swelling around injured spots! To break out of its cocoon, the silk moth secretes serrapeptase enzyme to thin its shell. To regulate inflammation, serrapeptase helps thin trapped fluids that collect around injured joints and tendons. This helps reduce joint problems!

#2: Repairs tissues! This amazing enzyme has the uncanny ability to seek out damaged or dead tissues… blood clots… scar tissue… and a host of other foreign invaders that can trigger inflammation. When found, serrapeptase quickly helps dissolve these problems—and removes them from your joints and muscles. The result? FAST relief from inflammation!

The truth is serrapeptase is not a new discovery—it's been the supplement of choice for joint sufferers in Japan, Germany, and other European countries—for over 25 years!

That's because serrapeptase has been scientifically tested and demonstrated safe to help relieve:

Numerous clinical trials and scientific studies confirm the effectiveness of serrapeptase. For example..

Swelling disappears and pain vanishes!

In one German study, 66 patients with knee surgery were given serrapeptase or a placebo. The result?

Just 3 days after surgery, the serrapeptase group experienced a 50 percent reduction in swelling compared to the placebo group.

What's more, the serrapeptase group reported significant reduction in joint discomforts. In fact, by the 10th day, most of their aches completely vanished!

Amazing? You bet! Uncommon? No way!

You can experience similar QUICK relief from joint problems too—with JointFlex Complete™!

That's because JointFlex Complete™ contains TWICE the amount of serrapeptase than some of the other leading joint supplements. You get a full 20 mg in each serving!

If improving synovial fluid and clobbering inflammation was all JointFlex Complete™ could do, it would still be worth its weight in gold.

But JointFlex Complete™ does more—MUCH MORE! In fact…

…this stellar ingredient—found in JointFlex Complete™ has now been scientifically proven to deliver…

550 times more antioxidant power than vitamin E!
Now free radicals don't stand a chance!

Did you know that air pollution… stress… tobacco smoke… chemicals in your home… or even ultraviolet light from the sun—can trigger serious joint problems? It's true! Here's why…

These common health problems release potentially dangerous free radicals in your body.

You've probably heard of free radicals—they're the renegade molecules that attack healthy cells and wreak havoc in your body

And you've probably heard antioxidants like vitamins C, E, and beta carotene are your body's antioxidant "police." They help destroy the free radical bad guys before they harm your cells.

But have you heard of the amazing antioxidant that's now proven 550 times more powerful than vitamin E and contains 10 TIMES the antioxidant activity of beta carotene?

It's called BioAstin®—the most powerful form of the antioxidant astaxanthin available on the planet!

Astaxanthin is a deep red carotenoid that gives foods like shrimp, salmon, trout, and lobster their pink color.

Grown in micro-algae farms in Kona, Hawaii, this remarkable nutrient is also related to the eye-protecting antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin.

Here's what makes astaxanthin
a real joint saver!

Because of its unique chemistry, astaxanthin is one of the few antioxidants that can cross the blood-brain barrier and bond to muscle tissue. What does that mean for your joints?

How about 550 times more antioxidant power to help destroy free radicals that can damage your joints.

In fact, astaxanthin has been clinically proven to:

You get the highest quality of astaxanthin in BioAstin®—found in JointFlex Complete™!
But there's more…

Q: Is BioCell Collagen II® similar to glucosamine?

A: Yes. Both are involved in helping your body maintain healthy joints. However BioCell Collagen II® contains a complex of nutrients including: Type II Collagen proteins, chondroitin sulfate, hyaluronic acid and other proteoglycans.

These nutrients are essential ingredients for healthy connective tissue. Together they provide multi-dimensional nutritional support. This makes the BioCell Collagen II® complex superior to a single nutrient like glucosamine.

With JointFlex Complete™, you get a full-spectrum of essential nutrients for total joint and connective tissue health. What's more…

…Since glucosamine is derived from shellfish, it can be harmful and even life-threatening to folks with certain allergies.

JointFlex Complete™ does not contain glucosamine—it's safe to take if you have shellfish allergies!

order now!

JointFlex Complete™ delivers 5 MORE powerful joint improving nutrients for TOTAL joint and muscle relief!

With every serving of JointFlex Complete™,
you get…

Imagine an all-natural remedy that actually helps regulate pain BEFORE it occurs! Scientists have discovered the remarkable Indian herb called Boswellia serrata serves as a pain watchdog in your body. This amazing nutrient helps monitor enzymes, compounds and other triggers and helps block them from sending pain signals to your brain! This is a HUGE discovery—here's why:

Researchers have now discovered that one of these pain triggers called 5-lipoxygenase (5-LOX) releases inflammatory molecules called leukotrienes.

It's these leukotrienes that start a "pain chain" in your joints—especially your knees, back, legs, arms and hands. Prevent leukotrienes and you can prevent pain problems!

It seems like Mother Nature knew this secret and created Boswellia to specifically block the 5-LOX enzyme!

Now numerous scientific trials confirm Boswellia's powerful ability to clobber the 5-LOX pain enzyme. For example…

In one controlled trial printed in the Journal of Phytomedicine, 30 people were given Boswellia for eight weeks. Half were given Boswellia. The other half received a placebo. The results?

100% of the Boswellia group experienced:

Then, eight weeks later, the researchers treated the placebo group with boswellia. Not surprisingly, all those folks experienced the same beneficial results too!

There's no doubt about it: To get complete relief—you need boswellia to help regulate pain quickly! That's why you get a whopping 300 mg of boswellia in every serving of JointFlex Complete™!

Meet some of the folks
who are saying goodbye to
pain and feeling good again

Hardly a day goes by that I don't receive a card, letter, email or phone call from folks—just like you—thanking me for JointFlex Complete™

It just warms my heart and keeps me fired up to get the news out about JointFlex Complete™. Here are just a few of the health blessings these folks have experienced…

  • Simeon M. from Las Vegas, NV is enjoying the simple things in life again…

"I can bend my fingers again!"

"JointFlex Complete™ is indeed an amazing product. I used to have difficulty with my stiff fingers. Now I can write without trouble! I love it. Thanks."

  • Mark M., who writes from Willoughby, OH reports he…

"Noticed a BIG difference in a little time!"

"Since taking JointFlex Complete™, I have noticed a big difference in my knees. They are slowly becoming pain free. Thanks."

  • Lambert S. of Corder, MO was skeptical and wanted a second opinion—and
    he got it…

"My doctor said
to try it!"

"I went to my doctor and asked him about your JointFlex Complete™. He said to use it, but it may take at least two months before I would see much relief. As of 6 weeks, I already feel relief as long as I walk on a smooth surface. I plan to continue taking JointFlex Complete™ (I have a 9-month supply) and I'm hoping that before that time comes, I'll experience a lot more relief. I don't expect a complete end of my problem, but at 82, some relief will sure help."

  • Katherine P., fron Nashville, TN gets right to the point…


"My shoulder aches less and it feels stronger. Thank you!"

  • Maria H. from Hackensack, NJ is simply thrilled because…

"I can play the piano again!"

"My hands were becoming so crippled and I was in constant pain. JointFlex Complete™ really works to rebuild my joints and fingers. I can play piano again. It is honestly working. Thank you for this product. I wouldn't be without it."

If you experience a sudden, severe attack of tenderness, redness, warmness and swelling in your big toe—you know how it can hurt like the dickens! Ask anyone who suffers with this problem and you'll hear this:

They'll do just about anything to prevent this extremely painful condition from recurring!

Although severe toe soreness most often attacks the big toe, other joints such as the knee, ankle, foot, hand, wrist and elbow are also vulnerable.

Fortunately, nature delivers a remarkable rescue remedy to help reduce the swelling and severe aches related to severe toe soreness. It's called bromelain.

In fact, research shows by taking 500 mg of bromelain every three hours during an acute attack of toe soreness can provide significant relief. That's because bromelain—a powerful enzyme derived from the pineapple plant—works in three amazing ways:

When pain is blocked… swelling decreases… and blood thins to quickly reach traumatized areas—you can experience fast improvement!

That's why you get 200 mg of bromelain in every serving of JointFlex Complete™!

This age-old supplement helps clobber inflammation and pain in three remarkable ways! Europeans and Indians have tapped into the pain-relieving power of ginger for centuries. That's because this amazing nutrient delivers a one-Two-THREE punch to help knock out pain:

In one study, 56 people were treated with powdered ginger. The results:

My friend, these are PHENOMENAL results! That's why I made sure to include 200 mg of ginger in JointFlex Complete™!

Did you know damaged cartilage contains less than 33% of the essential sulfur your joints need? That's a serious problem because sulfur is critical for healthy cartilage. In fact, over 150 compounds—including hormones, enzymes, and antioxidants depend on adequate levels of sulfur! And without sulfur, the cartilage that cushions your joints begins to crumble.

Thanks to MSM (methyl-sufonyl-methane), you can help create new muscles… restore collagen… and rebuild healthy cartilage again. Plus…

…MSM provides amazing anti-inflammatory protection.


By maintaining healthy cell flow-through activity. For example…

…MSM allows healthy nutrients to flow into your cells. At the same time, MSM escorts potentially harmful substances like lactic acid and toxins out of your cells.

By maintaining this healthy cell flow balance, you can help prevent pressure build-up in your cells that may cause joint inflammation!

80% improvement in joint health!

In one study, published in the International Journal of Anti-Aging Medicine, 16 patients with serious joint problems aged 55 to 78 were assigned to two groups.

One group received MSM every day. The other group received a placebo. Here's what researchers discovered:

After just six weeks of treatment, 80% of the MSM group experienced improvement in their symptoms!

If your current joint formula doesn't include MSM—you're not getting complete joint protection! In every serving of JointFlex Complete™, you get 200 mg of MSM!

This Indian spice helps neutralize free radicals—especially the superoxide radicals that can attack your joints… liver… and brain! You know what happens when a food containing oil goes rancid, right? It smells bad… tastes awful… and can make you sick as a dog.

Well, guess what? A similar thing happens when free radicals interact with the healthy fats in your body.

The process is called lipid peroxidation. That's just a fancy schmancy way of explaining how free radicals "steal" electrons from lipids (fat cells) and cause cell problems.

This is especially harmful because you need these fat cells to protect your joints… organs… and your brain!

"I've got cushion in my joints again!"

"My knees used to hurt really bad. It felt like the joints were rubbing against each other. Plus my bones creaked when I walked down the stairs. Since I’ve started taking JointFlex Complete™, I feel like I've got pillows between my joints. No more pain and the creaking is almost gone! Thank you—THANK YOU!

—Carline C., Grayson, GA

Fortunately, there's an amazing Indian spice that's a potent free radical scavenger of these superoxide free radicals. It's called turmeric (also known as curcumin).

Turmeric has been around for ages. In fact, if you've eaten any curried dishes, you've experienced the taste and aroma of this fragranced, yellow spice. But now research shows turmeric can help:

In one clinical trial, 8 healthy individuals between the ages of 27 to 67 were given 20 mg curcuminoids—the active ingredient in turmeric. After 45 days, here's what the researchers discovered…

… in all the patients, "before and after blood tests showed a statistically significant decrease in lipid peroxides!

Combining turmeric along with BioAstin® astaxanthin, gives you a DYNAMIC DUO of antioxidant-fighting nutrients in every serving of Joint Flex Complete™.

I want YOU to wake up without feeling stiff…
improve your grip strength…
and experience strong and healthy joints, too!

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This is the absolute best time to try JointFlex Complete™. Here are 9 reasons why…

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I've made special arrangements with TRUE HEALTH™ to offer you the LOWEST PRICE available for JointFlex Complete™! And think about this…

If you purchased all 8 of the nutrients found in JointFlex Complete™ separately, you'd pay a small fortune every month! But now, you can get them all in one easy-to-take capsule—for just pennies per serving! You just can't beat that kind of value!

Reason #2

Discover amazing remedies to help repair damaged joints… clobber pain… and help folks solve their joint problems! It's in your complimentary copy of my hot-off-the-press report, The NEW Breakthrough in Joint Repair.

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In this BRAND NEW report, you'll uncover the next generation of nutrients that help strengthen bones… cushion joints… and fight off inflammation! For example:

Go ahead… Bend… Flex… and Shake it All About! It Won't Hurt Anymore! My 100% Money Back
Lifetime Guarantee

It's easy to tell if JointFlex Complete™ is working for you:

  • Morning stiffness—Gone!
  • Inflamed joints—Soothed!
  • Creaking knees and cracking backs—Silenced!
  • Finger and toe pain—Vanish!
  • Muscle aches and pain—disappear!

The truth is: JointFlex Complete™ is a revolutionary joint repair formula—but it's not an overnight miracle.

That means you have to give it time to work for you. How long?

Some folks notice a difference in a week… a month… while others need a little longer. But you can be certain of this: It will work for you! That's why I'm making you this unbeatable guarantee:

Give JointFlex Complete™ a fair try.

Take it for 3 months… 6 months… even a year or more! Take as long as you like.

If you don't notice a significant improvement in your joints, simply return the unused bottles—even if it's the last capsule—for a full refund. No ifs… ands… or buts!

And you can keep all the FREE gifts you received as a thank you for giving JointFlex Complete™ a fair try!

I think that's a fair way to give JointFlex Complete™ a try, don't you?

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Dr. Mark Cutler's Signature

Michael Cutler, M.D.
Medical Advisor, True Health™

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Plus ALL these remedies are safe… effective… readily available… and easy to use! For example…

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Discover little known foods that trigger joint pain… simple remedies that douse inflammation… and much, much more in your complimentary copy of the report, Eat Away Your Joint Pain!

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To relieve joint pain, most doctors recommend pumping your body full of powerful anti-inflammatory drugs and dangerous medications. The problem is:

These drugs only temporarily mask your pain. What's more…

Research now shows many popular medications can create health problems… turn you into a cardiac cripple… or worse!

There's a better, smarter, more effective way. The key is to eliminate the source of joint irritation!

In this special report, you'll discover:

Reason #5:

Imagine flipping a "switch" to boost your energy levels to new heights! Why imagine—when you can experience it first hand in your FREE copy of Unleash Unlimited Energy in Your Body!

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If you toss and turn all night, this special report is guaranteed to help put you in dreamland! It's called, How to Finally Get A Good Night's Sleep!

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Research shows most folks with joint and muscle pain also experience frequent bouts of insomnia. If that's you, then this special report may be the answer to your prayers!

You'll discover:

Reason #7:

You also get a complimentary copy of the report, Surprising Link between Allergies and Joint Problems!

A $19.95 value—yours FREE!

If you suffer from joint pain and you have shellfish allergies, please DO NOT TAKE glucosamine! Why?

Most folks don't know that glucosamine supplements are derived from shellfish. So, if you're allergic to shrimp… crab… crayfish… lobster… or any other kind of shellfish—and taking glucosamine—you may be creating a serious health problem!

Also, in this special report, you'll uncover a little-known allergy trigger common in most folks over 40. In fact, follow the steps to treat this problem and your allergy symptoms may completely vanish! Plus, you'll discover:

Reason #8

FREE Shipping & Handling!

Enjoy exercise—without the next day discomfort!

Exercise may be good for you—but your body sure can hurt the next day!

If you experience next day muscle soreness and joint problems even after a daily stroll—you're about to discover some remarkable news…

Researchers from the University of Memphis discovered you can reduce and even prevent next day soreness from exercising. How?

With astaxanthin!

In one study, the researchers reported the group treated with astaxanthin experienced less knee joint soreness for a full 48 hours after strenuous exercise.

This is good news because you can help prevent next day discomfort without going out to purchase astaxanthin separately—it's already included in JointFlex Complete™!

Can you see why I call JointFlex Complete™ a COMPLETE joint saver? This remarkable formulation helps RESTORE joint health… REBUILD cells… and PREVENT pain from occurring in the first place!

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True Health™ pays the freight for U.S. orders of 3 or more bottles!—a $6.95 value—yours FREE!

During this special offer, True Health™ will pick up the tab on shipping and handling for U.S. orders of 3 or more bottles! You get to put $6.95 right back in your pocket and still get fast delivery of your order!

And when you respond within the next 10 days…

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Nature vs. Sythentic: The Shocking Truth About Vitamins

You get a complimentary copy of the report, Nature vs. Sythentic: The Shocking Truth About Vitamins.

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Did you know that 92 million people take vitamins every day—and most of these folks are taking the WRONG kinds? What's more, they may be doing more HARM than good for their health!

A Finnish study published in The New England Journal of Medicine showed taking one very popular vitamin, is actually WORSE than starvation! Why? Because it can kill you quicker! Are you taking it? Find out in this eye-opening special report!

You'll also discover:

100% Must Feel it to Believe it, No-Risk, Money-Back Lifetime Guarantee:

My promise to you is simple: You must experience improvement in your ability to bend your knees, flex your muscles… and move your joints—without pain. If not, JointFlex Complete™ is FREE!

When a product works as well as JointFlex Complete™…

… and scientific research supports the effectiveness of all 8 joint saving nutrients…

…and grateful folks send in thank you letters by the boatloads…

…it's easy to offer the strongest guarantee possible.

That's precisely what True Health™ does. Here it is:

Give JointFlex Complete™ a fair try. See and feel the difference for yourself. This amazing formula can soon help you…

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