50 Medical Myths In Your Mailbox
RULE #1.

If everyone hounds you to
do it or avoid it…

My Dear Set-Upon Friend:

If you’re fed up with forking out $20 a pound for wild salmon…
If you keep putting off your cholesterol test…
If you can’t afford scads of insanely priced pills…

Forget that malarkey and

I wrote this little book to save your life before they hound you to death about blood pressure, trans fats, sunbathing, high cholesterol, salt, sugar, butter, beef, beer, whiskey, nicotine, and everything else you’re supposed to be terrified of. Because, contrary to what the government
and TV health hotshots insist…

And for gosh sakes, don’t drain your life’s savings on “miracle” drugs or gee-whiz supplements, because…

RULE #2.

When the media pushes a “miracle,”
you can be sure it’s
making somebody rich…

But the real cures usually cost pennies, so they’re never advertised and nobody gets them—while we all go broke and beat ourselves up for the sake of all those dumb myths…

So please, keep and use this report, then send for my brand-new, 50,000-word, BIG BOOK…

NEW! Dr. William’s Unabridged
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But first, click here and learn the world’s quickest fix for angina. Not bypass surgery or clean living, but…

ZINC. See what I mean? This one will make nobody rich, but it may save your life (click here)…

Yours in pursuit of the shockingly pleasant truth,
Dr. David G. Williams
Dr. David G. Williams

P.S. Do reply in 10 days. Along with your free Library of Medical Lies, I’ll also send you my All-New World Atlas of Alternatives, and 2 more free gifts, but we must hear from you soon. Hurry!


Dr. David Williams For decades, Dr. Williams has been saving his readers from pointless pain and early death, while saving them millions of dollars. Time and again, he’s been first to bust medicine’s deadliest myths…

Right about HRT. It was in July of 1991 that Dr. Williams warned against hormone replacement therapy and recommended safer, cheaper, better alternatives. (Thousands of women who followed the crowd died of heart disease and cancer.)

Right about COX-2 drugs. Almost as soon as the first COX-2 drug was introduced, Dr. Williams was first to warn of its dangers. (Thousands of patients who listened to their doctors and all those TV ads died of heart attacks.)

Right about aspirin. Dr. Williams took a lot of flak in August of 1986, when he warned about deadly and debilitating side effects of aspirin therapy. (Now a new study confirms it could quadruple your death risk.)

Right about statin drugs. Back in 1986, he was first to warn against side effects like muscle weakness, memory loss, and heart failure. Only later did authorities publish the truth.

Right about PC-SPES. Dr. Williams was virtually alone among alternative health experts in NOT recommending this widely hyped “natural prostate miracle.” (Test results later showed samples were spiked with drugs, and the product was pulled.)

Right about cholesterol. Dr. Williams first blasted the cholesterol theory of heart disease back in 1988. Ever since, mainstream medicine has been backpedaling. But current “wisdom” could still double your heart attack risk.

And right about dozens of faster, cheaper alternatives to medicine’s deadliest myths, including glucosamine, CoQ10, garlic, glutathione, saw palmetto, melatonin, and so many more… (Click here for more about Dr. Williams.)


the quickest fix for
heart disease…

Isn’t bypass surgery or clean living. Here’s how
to cure angina in 14 days for under $14…

Go to your doctor with angina and he’ll bundle you off to the hospital for a $10,000 angiogram and a $50,000 bypass.

Go to a decent alternative physician and he’ll fill a huge shopping bag with hawthorn tea, CoQ10, bromelain, magnesium, taurine, L-carnitine, garlic, omega-3 oils…

Then he’ll urge you to eat more
vegetables, join a gym and…

Fine advice, but are you doing it? Of course not. No wonder so many folks go for the bypass! Well, relax. Because the quickest, easiest, most amazingly effortless cure for angina I’ve ever investigated isn’t any of these things, but…


I repeat, zinc. In way less time than it takes to recover from a bypass, zinc could lick the whole problem forever. Fourteen days, fourteen dollars’ worth of zinc, and you’re done.

Before you laugh, why not give me a listen? After all, this cure couldn’t be safer or cheaper, and it was developed by…

A medical legend. If you’ve ever relieved a cold with zinc lozenges, thank Dr. George Eby. He did the original research on zinc and colds, and I’ve been in close contact with him for over 15 years. Like many true breakthroughs, his angina cure was…

Discovered by accident. After one of Dr. Eby’s many clinical trials for the cold lozenges, something weird happened. One of the patients demanded a lot more of what he’d been taking. He didn’t care if it was a placebo or zinc—he wanted more.

Turns out the man had suffered angina for 15 years. Yet, after just 5 days of taking Dr. Eby’s zinc formula (in this trial, he took an unusually high dosage), the angina vanished. Prior to this, the poor fellow hadn’t even been helped by nitroglycerine.

Now his angina was suddenly gone,
blood pressure normal, heart in great shape…

Coincidence, right? WRONG. Dr. Eby launched a trial using this high zinc dosage for angina patients. In practically every case, it worked wonderfully (Med Hypotheses 06;66(1):169-172).

Then he dug up earlier research. He found studies as far back as 1968, showing dramatic results for angina patients (Trace Substances in Environmental Health, Conference 2nd Proceedings 1967–1968). He even looked up statistics on Polish zinc miners. Turns out they had a huge reduction in their incidence of angina (Part II: Coronary Disease, Przegl Lek 80;37(6):507–510).

I checked it all out. I also cross-examined patients who tried it. They swear by it. Remarkably, too, it doesn’t just dilate the arteries, but actually seems to cleanse them.

WARNING: Don’t try this before checking out all the details in your free Library of Medical Lies. The dosages required are much higher than you’ll find in your cold lozenges, and you have to use a very specific kind of zinc. The time required varies. It should take no longer than 14 days, but many patients have needed only 4, 5, or 6 days—not the full two weeks. Worth a try, wouldn’t you say? Do send for your free library today.

Not according to patients and their families. A big new study in the famous, mainstream New England Journal of Medicine finds that 100% of doctors prescribing the drugs believed their patients’ lives had improved. But most patients disagreed and…

98% of spouses and friends said the patients’ lives had worsened. That’s nearly unanimous. What’s wrong with this picture? Read on. And you’ll see, what they’re telling you about blood pressure is dangerously amiss...

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Forget what they told you about

Why 150 million Americans are obsessing
about the wrong numbers—and how to nab
the real killer in 12 minutes, for about $10

Say your blood pressure is 170/110 and Joe’s is 170/70. Joe’s blood pressure is lower, so he’s healthier, right? WRONG.

In fact, Joe is twice as likely to have a heart attack, stroke, heart failure, or some other adverse event. That’s according to the Framingham study—the definitive study on blood pressure, with over 50 years of data from more than 10,000 patients.

Why? Because even though everyone’s obsessing about high blood pressure, what’s killing folks over 50 is…


What’s that? Pulse pressure is the true measurement of how far gone your arteries are. The higher it is, the stiffer your arteries, the more strain on your heart, and the likelier you are to drop dead. (I’ll explain all this fully in your free Library of Medical Lies.)

How to measure it. Subtract your bottom blood pressure number (diastolic pressure) from the top number (systolic pressure). In the example above, your pulse pressure would be 60—170 minus 110. Joe’s would be a frighteningly high 100.

What’s normal pulse pressure? Forty or lower is fine. Anything higher indicates greater stiffness of your arteries.

Why nobody talks about it. No money in it. Conventional blood pressure measurements are ideal for selling drugs. But to drop your pulse pressure meaningfully, you have to make your arteries more elastic. Drugs can’t do that, but this can…

The nearly free fix. In your free Library Of Medical Lies, I’ll detail how breathtakingly easy it is to fix high pulse pressure. Simple exercise can do it, and here’s the easiest one imaginable:

You’ll need 12 minutes with a $10 hand-gripper

This solution was recently tested in a clinical study by a distinguished scientist in my Alternatives network—Dr. Neil McCartney at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. His patients just held a special gripping device in their hands and squeezed it with 30% of their strength, 12 minutes a day, a few times a week. The results were flabbergasting. They experienced an average 19-point reduction in systolic pressure.

It normalized their pulse pressure and blood pressure. So even if you’re still worried about your blood pressure, you can’t lose. Start doing it. In your free library, I’ll show you how to get your own gripper for just $10, and do the exercise correctly.

P.S. If your hands are too sensitive for this exercise, I’ll also detail several other, equally easy alternatives, plus…

STUDY: SALT SAVES us from heart disease

Take back your saltshaker. At worst, only 10% of Americans might benefit from shunning salt. Yet even this figure is questionable. The latest study, published in the American Journal of Medicine (06;119(3):275), concludes that people who eat less salt are more likely to die from heart disease. This makes sense, since salt is an essential electrolyte. Your heart and arteries need it.

But let’s say you are salt-sensitive. If you threw away your saltshaker, you’d still get almost no benefit—because 87.6% of our sodium intake is already there in our foods. Relax and enjoy.

P.S. If you crave salt, increasing your intake of natural salts may also eliminate quite a few “mysterious” complaints. Let me explain why, and the healthiest ways to get more salt, in your free Library of Medical Lies.

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Compared to what’s replacing them,

In fact, some trans fats can slash your heart
risk and make you thinner. Plus…

Giant food firms proclaim they’re doing us a big fat favor by removing trans fats. Ever wondered what they’re using instead?

The latest from Dr. Franken-food’s lab:

Pronunciation hint. Just say “interest terrified” and you’ll be close enough. These are chemically altered, artificial compounds that make trans fats look downright appealing. Feed your body these bizzaros and you’re asking for all kinds of bad stuff.

How bad? I got a call recently from a scientist in my Alternatives network. She heads up a team of fat-researchers at the University of Putra in Malaysia. In their latest study, interesterified fats nuked levels of HDL (“good”) cholesterol, raising heart attack risk. They also whacked glucose metabolism…

TRANSLATION: They invite diabetes…

So do send for your free Library of Medical Lies. I’ll explain how to avoid these secret killers, and bust many more myths that are making your food less tasty and less healthful. Including why some of today’s most demonized fats are actually angels…

Fabulous trans fats. Understand, I’m not crazy about the artificial trans fats in processed foods. But other trans fats are natural, and so good for you, I even take one in supplement form:

  • This natural trans fat pares fat and builds muscle. In fact, a new report at the American Physiological Society of Experimental Biology reveals that this trans fatty acid may actually “spot trim” fat from your belly. Other research suggests it helps build lean muscle. Animal studies also indicate it can help stop the spread of prostate cancer cells. This true miracle fat occurs naturally in certain kinds of butter, but I also take it in supplement form. More about how to get it and use it in your free library.
  • This one may even heal heart disease. My contacts at the University of Washington’s Cardiovascular Health Research Unit showed me their research on another amazingly beneficial trans fatty acid. Called trans oleic acid, it cuts the risk of heart-related death by two-thirds. Trans oleic acid is found naturally in a special kind of cooking oil. It’s one of the best tasting oils I’ve ever tried, and I recommend it as a cook and a doctor. Full details in your free Library of Medical Lies

(And vegetables can make you blind)

Macular degeneration (ARMD) was almost unheard-of as late as 1980. Medical textbooks of the time barely mention it.

What happened? My Australian colleague, Dr. Paul Beaumont, discovered the answer. He’s one of the world’s leading food researchers, and he tells me there’s been a tenfold (1,000%) increase in macular degeneration in recent decades. Why?

We stopped using butter and lard. Dr. Beaumont has found that people who consume higher amounts of vegetable oils (corn oil, soybean oil, safflower oil, etc.) lose their vision 3.8 times faster, and have twice the risk of macular degeneration.

The dark side of vegetables. When vegetable oils are heated, they form a compound called HNE, which attacks your arteries, nerves, and eye tissue like sulfuric acid etches glass. It’s been implicated in hardening of the arteries, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Huntington’s and liver disease, as well as ARMD.

What to do. Throw the stuff out! (Who on earth uses safflower oil for the taste?) Learn the truth about how butter, lard, coconut oil, and other forbidden fats can be fabulous for your health. Complete details in your free library.

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The healing miracle of

And what works even better. Makes you smarter right now and nearly immune to Alzheimer’s down the road.

Ever wonder why so many scientists, professors and doctors used to smoke? Well…

Many smokers swear
“It helps me think better”
and it turns out they’re right on the money

In fact, several studies have shown that smokers have signifi cantly lower rates of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

The politically incorrect truth. Nicotine boosts your supply of the critical brain chemical acetylcholine. (That’s why tobacco gives you a mental buzz.) And acetylcholine shortages are strongly linked to Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

View the proof in your own back yard. If you want to see what Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s looks like in fast motion, watch a bug after spraying it with pesticide. Pesticides work by destroying the bug’s production of acetylcholine. (That’s why they also may give you these diseases, so forget the spray—just picture it.) However, I’m not suggesting you smoke, because happily…

Nicotine has an even more powerful cousin…

It’s a nutrient called nicotinic acid, and its brain-boosting powers boggle the mind. It raises your supply of acetylcholine astonishingly. One study tested its effects on 815 people for 4 years (J Neurol Neurosurg Psychiatry 04 Aug;75:1093-1099). Those who consumed the most nicotinic acid were…

80% less likely to get Alzheimer’s. It may also

Best of all, my recommended dose…

Costs about 3 cents a day. Nicotinic acid is quite safe and excellent for your arteries, too. Full details in your free Library of Medical Lies, where I’ll also provide a list of foods rich in this brain-saver, and the truth about so-called “senile dementia”…

Don’t let them tell you
There’s no such disease as senile dementia

Dementia is doctor-speak for “We don’t have a clue.” But, in fact, there are specific reasons for every type of brain failing. These reasons are preventable and, in many cases, curable. In your free Library of Medical Lies, I’ll show you how to recognize and cure the surprising top causes of “senile dementia,” including…

• DEMENTIA IMPOSTER #1. According to the World Health Organization, today’s leading cause of brain failure is iodine deficiency. Low iodine levels trigger fatigue, depression, and brain damage. Even in the early stages, iodine-deficient people forfeit 15 IQ points. And 43% of us are at serious risk.

Why so many? Americans do have iodized salt, but our diets are high in iodine blockers, including soybeans, soybean oil, and chlorinated, fluoridated water. Full details in your free library, where I’ll also explain how to supplement safely and…

How to test if you’re iodine deficient. You’ll need a cotton ball and a bottle of tincture of iodine. Quick and simple. Do it now. RSVP for your free gifts.

• DEMENTIA IMPOSTER #2. Many cases are actually normal pressure hydrocephalus (NPH). This happens when spinal fluid builds up and presses on the brain. As many as 375,000 of the 4 million people diagnosed with Alzheimer’s actually have NPH. Yet it’s easily detected, and can be cured instantly by draining the fluid. Let me explain how to spot the early symptoms, which are subtly different.

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banish arthritis at last…
And get pain-free in 7 days for free

Cartilage, cartilage, cartilage, enough! Sure it’s important, but it’s not the primary key to reversing arthritis. If you want fast relief and true joint repair, forget cartilage…

It’s all about your SYNOVIAL FLUID

The truth about cartilage. It’s sort of like the sponge you keep by your kitchen sink. Dry, brittle, and useless—unless it’s soaked in fluid. Synovial fluid is the “oil” that actually lubricates and cushions your joints. Plus, synovial fluid supplies your cartilage with all the nutrients it needs to grow and stay healthy.

When your synovial fluid runs low, your joints freeze up like the tin man without his oil can. Your cartilage dries up, shrinks and starves to death. You could swallow barrels of supplements, but they’ll never reach your cartilage—because cartilage has no blood supply. It gets everything from your synovial fluid.

But when you restock your synovial fluid, your

Suddenly, your cartilage gains flexibility, like a dry sponge that gets soft and springy when you moisten it. Your joints drink up the nutrients in the fluid. Pain recedes fast. Make sense?

How to fill ’er up. To restock your synovial fluid, you need to load up on the main ingredient, hyaluronic acid. Doctors can inject this directly into your joints, but this therapy is expensive, inconvenient, and temporary. Ideally, you should be restocking your supply every day, and this turns out to be laughably easy…

The world’s greatest joint supplement is free

I have yet to find any supplement superior to bone broth—the kind grandma used to make by simmering leftover chicken carcasses or beef bones. Bone broth is incredibly rich in hyaluronic acid. In your FREE Library of Medical Lies, I’ll share my own favorite bone broth recipe, including my secret “kicker”…

How to double the healing power of your bone broth. Simmer some eggshells along with the bones. The membrane lining these shells is rich in hyaluronic acid and other joint-nourishing goodies. And brand-new, pilot studies show that people taking eggshell-membrane supplements experienced…

Substantial pain relief in just 7 days

Now again, you could buy these new “eggshell supplements.” I’m convinced they do work, and I’ll show you how to get them in your free library. But honestly, you can’t do better than just use my broth recipe. It’s easy, delicious, and free. So do RSVP for your free gifts, and you’ll also learn how to…

and heal ruptured discs in a week

This finding surprised me, too, because I’ve long believed that spinal manipulation and rehab exercises are the best treatment for back pain. That was before I flew up to Calgary, Canada, to investigate a “wild” story that Dr. Dean Bonlie was healing ruptured discs with incredible speed, using magnetic resonance therapy. Dr. Bonlie uses a machine similar to the MRI unit at your hospital. You lie down. They turn it on. That’s it.

Ludicrous? WRONG. Mainstream skeptics who haven’t done their homework sputter it can’t be for real. But I’ve spent over 2 years to date, carefully investigating over 900 case histories involving all manner of pain patients. Every single patient with a ruptured disc has been 100% healed, usually within a week. It works and it’s permanent. Let me show you how to obtain this therapy without traveling to Canada.

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Before you bet your blood sugar on
Read this first!

Suddenly, everyone’s hyping cinnamon as a treatment for high blood sugar. I’m glad they finally picked up on it—I first reported on cinnamon back in 1995. You could lower your blood sugar levels up to 29%, drop your triglycerides 30%...

But there’s one detail that no one’s telling you. You see, that stuff at your grocery store…


The cinnamon switcheroo. True cinnamon goes by the botanical name Cinnamonum verum (literally “true cinnamon”). Grown in Ceylon, it’s not the stuff on your spice rack.

What you’re buying. Most “cinnamon” sold in this country is a related, but quite different species called cassia. Grown in Indonesia, it’s harder, woodier, harsher tasting—but cheaper.

So what’s the problem? Cassia does contain “good” compounds that lower high blood sugar. But unfortunately…

European health authorities have recently warned
about consuming too much cassia…

Because cassia also contains a toxic component called coumarin. Worse, as the name suggests, coumarin can react with the blood-thinning drug Coumadin®

Setting you up for a STROKE

What to do. Don’t freak out, but do send for your free Library of Medical Lies. I’ll provide easy instructions for how to detoxify cassia, and remove its other toxic trace components. (Won’t cost you a cent.) Better still, I’ll tell you about the ultimate breakthrough from the original “cinnamon pioneer”…

How to handle glucose
The ultimate secret from “Dr. Cinnamon”

It was 12 years ago that I first met with Dr. Richard Anderson, the brilliant scientist who unlocked the secret powers of cinnamon. I have carefully followed his research ever since, and in your free Library of Medical Lies, I’ll share his most powerful blood-sugar secret ever.

Dr. Anderson has isolated the active ingredient that gives cinnamon its remarkable, insulin-mimicking properties. Called MHCP, it’s quite safe—contains no toxic traces—and it’s shown to boost glucose metabolism in fat cells as much as 20 times. Let me show you how to get it and use it. Order today.

Diabetes triggered by

Before you fork out the big bucks for
designer H20…

Consumers Union recently found a substance called bisphenol A (BPA) in 8 out of 10 plastic water jugs tested. Researchers in Spain now confirm that the BPA can leach into the water.

Just one dose does it. In new animal studies, a single dose of BPA caused a rapid increase in insulin levels. After only 4 days, they developed chronic insulin resistance. Next step, diabetes.

Smarter idea. Save your money. In your free library, I’ll show you how to make good old tap water totally safe and free of harmful chemicals, without filtering. Simple trick. Order today.

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And sunscreens may cause it

Any 3-year-old knows that sunshine makes you feel good, and doctors used to tell us to get more sun. Yet today, we all run from the sun, like cockroaches when the lights go on—terrified that sunshine will give us cancer

Based on what? Forget what you’ve heard on TV and let’s look at the hard science…

FACT: Every 8 minutes, another American dies
from cancer caused by insufficient sunshine. Why? Because when you don’t get out in the sun, your body can’t make vitamin D. And a flurry of studies agree the “sunshine vitamin” is a cancer-fighting miracle. If we all simply got enough sun, researchers estimate it would cut cancer rates as much as 50 percent. For example…

  • Prostate cancer rates are twice as high for men who stay out of the sun (Cancer Res 05;65(12):5470–5479).
  • Breast cancer risk is 5 times higher for women with the lowest vitamin D levels (Eur J Cancer 05;41(8):1164–1169).
  • Colon cancer rates could be cut in half by increasing our intake of vitamin D through supplements or sun exposure (Am J Prev Med 07;32(3):210–216).

“But what about skin cancer?” Glad you asked. The latest data shows moderate sun exposure helps prevent skin cancer. Lifetime sun exposure has even been shown to lower your risk of getting melanoma (J Invest Dermatol 03;120(6):1087–1093).

And sunscreen does not prevent cancer. Since 1972, sunscreen sales have multiplied 27 times, yet skin cancer rates haven’t budged.

Moreover, two San Diego epidemiologists have presented convincing evidence (reported in both the New York Times and the Washington Post) that sunscreens promote skin cancer. This also makes sense, because, sunscreens block production of vitamin D. (They’re so effective at this that heavy sunscreen users tend to be vitamin D deficient.)

But this cream may even cure cancer, with results in as little as a week. In your free Library of Medical Lies, I’ll tell you about an herbal compound extracted from the wormwood plant, which has been shown to destroy skin cancer cells while leaving healthy skin intact. It was developed by a colleague in my Alternatives network, Dr. Henry Lai of the University of Washington. Forward-thinking doctors are using it and they’re mightily impressed by its results. Let me show you how to obtain and use it. RSVP today for your free gifts.

“Sunshine Cure” Conquers

Reams of new studies suggest vitamin D deficiencies are the real reason why colds and flu run rampant in winter. The definitive research was done by the brilliant Dr. John Cannell, with whom I have spoken often. Even more intriguingly, Dr. Cannell suggests that high doses of vitamin D can knock out colds and flu, and people who try his “sunshine vitamin cure” confirm it works.

Why it works. Vitamin D boosts production of cathelicidin—the “ammunition” for your natural killer cells. Cathelicidin rips holes in microbes. The vitamin dosage is quite safe when taken for 3 days, which is all you’ll need. Let me share the details.

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And the truth that can triple
your odds of beating it

MYTH #1. “Vitamins weaken chemo.” Every few minutes, a patient dies from listening to this arrogant ignorance. In fact, 18 different studies show that quite a few vitamins and other antioxidants improve survival rates and tumor response. See details about the most helpful ones in your free Library of Medical Lies.

MYTH #2. “Antioxidants interfere with radiation.” Another new study looked at antioxidants and radiation therapy. Wrong again. Load up on the lifesavers listed in your free library.

MYTH #3. “We think we got it all.” There’s no way they can know this, because tumor cells are microscopic. If just one of these “seeds” survives, cancer can sprout again years later, anywhere in your body. That’s what kills prostate and breast cancer patients. And why it’s absolutely essential to use natural, complementary therapies that help your immune system wipe out these lurking micro-tumors. Let me tell you about a Japanese extract vetted in 40 different studies. It’s shown to triple the activity of your body’s “natural killer” immune cells.

MYTH #4. “Natural treatments are unproven.” Some are far better proven—for many more years—than insanely costly new drugs, which may merely give you an extra month of agony. In your free library, I’ll give details about an affordable wheat germ extract researched by a Nobel Prize winner. For 20 years, over 100 studies have proven this extract far more effective than traditional treatments alone. It works reliably for lymphoma, pancreatic cancer, late-stage breast cancer, lung cancer, late-stage prostate cancer, ovarian cancer, melanoma…and cuts colorectal cancer deaths in half.

MYTH #5. “Vaccines will save you from cervical cancer.” Impossible! According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control), most adult women already have the cancer-linked HPV virus. By age 50, at least 4 out of 5 women will have caught it without even knowing it. It’s too late by then for any vaccine.

So do this immediately. If you don’t want this virus to give you cancer, send for your free library now. I’ll tell you about an inexpensive broccoli extract developed by my brilliant colleague, Dr. Maria Bell. It’s even shown to help reverse the most common form of cervical cancer. Every woman over 50 should be taking it, and it costs pennies a day. Don’t wait for a bad Pap smear. Do it.

Banish IBS, gas, and diarrhea by

The world’s most pleasurable probiotic. Many probiotic supplements that I’ve tested are worthless—delivering few if any friendly bacteria to your lower tract. But in your free library, I’ll reveal a far more reliable alternative. A delicious kind of beer turns out to be one of nature’s most potent probiotics, incredibly rich in just the right type of healthy micro-flora. Enjoy it with dinner and say goodbye to “growling gut” for good.

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a thousand Americans every day…

And how to make yourself 300% more
likely to survive a heart attack

If anything’s going to kill you today, a heart attack heads the list. Over 1,300 Americans die this way every day and most have no prior symptoms. So please, if you do just one thing today, tell all your loved ones…

Forget CPR. I know it always works on TV. They give the victim mouth-to-mouth, pound his chest and he wakes up. But in real life, it’s a different story…

The out-of-hospital survival rate is

Because cardiopulmonary resuscitation doesn’t work. It was developed 60 years ago and it’s hopelessly out of date. If you receive it, the odds are overwhelming that you’re going to die.

Let me explain why. When your heart stops, what actually kills you is no blood getting to your brain. So what you want to do first and foremost is get blood moving up there. Every second counts.

But with CPR, they waste precious minutes doing mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. This isn’t just pointless, but harmful…

It’s a heart attack, not a lung attack! Expanding
the lungs reduces blood flow to the brain...

Now let me explain what does work. I learned this new technique from Dr. Gordon Ewy, who is Director of the Sarver Heart Center, University of Arizona. He calls it CCR, short for Continuous Chest Compression, and he’s been teaching it to firefighters and paramedics. As soon as they started using it…

They increased their “save rate” by 300%

The technique is very easy and involves no mouth-to-mouth. Full details in your free Library of Medical Lies. It’s the only place you’re likely to learn Dr. Ewy’s lifesaving breakthrough. Despite the appalling record of CPR, the American Heart Association and Red Cross refuse to teach anything else—so again, if you do just one thing today, RSVP for your free library. And live.

Why aspirin-a-day may
quadruple your death risk

I first started warning against aspirin therapy back in August of 1986. Over the years, I’ve documented how it can destroy your eyesight, trigger gastric bleeding, and increase your total death risk. Now it looks like I may have been too easy on this dumb idea.

A recent review of 17 different clinical studies shows that many people, especially men, are “aspirin resistant.” If you’re aspirin resistant and embark on aspirin-a-day therapy, you are 4 times likelier to die than your aspirin-sensitive counterparts. And you are twice as likely to have a heart attack or stroke. This means that “preventive” aspirin use has actually caused hundreds of thousands of heart attacks and strokes.

What to do. Find out if you’re aspirin resistant immediately. I’ll show you how in your free library. Better still, start taking one of my safer alternatives. For example, I’ll tell you about a special kind of chocolate that’s now been found to provide identical anti-clotting benefits with none of the downside. (No one has yet been found to be “chocolate resistant.”)

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Why transfusions can quintuple your chances of dying after surgery, and what to insist on instead

If you get hit by a truck and they give you blood, fine. That’s when transfusions can save your life. But if you or a loved one undergo elective surgery, tell them to get that blood bag outta here.

I recently spoke with researchers I know at the University of Michigan, who have been conducting an enormous study of some 9,218 surgery patients. They found:

  • Patients getting transfusions were 3 times likelier to have infections after surgery. (The more blood they received, the higher the infection risk.) Plus...
  • They were 5 times more likely to die within 100 days of their operation. Plus, another recent study shows…
  • Lung cancer patients receiving transfusions die 7 times more often in the first 30 days after surgery!

What’s going on? Simple. Transfusions place a crushing burden on your immune system. Each unit of blood you receive contains hundreds of foreign substances called antigens. Each triggers its own immune response, until your immune system caves in. At this point, even trivial infections can kill you.


STUDY: Fanciest ones can be deadliest

Each year, an independent firm tallies all the outcomes at all 5,122 of America’s non-federal hospitals. The results may shock you. I personally found that the big, fancy hospital near my own home has a very poor record for heart attacks. A less luxurious place about the same distance away was rated far better.

This is a life-or-death difference. Choosing the right hospital can boost your survival odds by an average of 28%—often more.

Don’t guess about this. In your free Library of Medical Lies, I’ll show you how to obtain the secret ratings of all the hospitals in your area for free. Order today.

Or the effects may show up later, when you come down with lupus, MS, rheumatoid arthritis, or other autoimmune diseases. Or the blood may contain a few stray tumor cells—tiny cancers that the donor’s immune system may suppress, but yours may not.

Now what? Don’t wait until you need elective surgery. Prepare now and quintuple your odds of surviving it. Even when you can’t bank your own blood, a technology called bloodless surgery has been around for decades. I first wrote about it way back in 1987, and it’s improved vastly since then. Let me explain it and how to obtain it in your free Library of Medical Lies.

P.S. Donating blood turns out to be amazingly healthy and could also save the lives of accident victims who would die without transfusions. So don’t hesitate!

How healthy are costly whirlpool baths?

I’ll take a shower, thanks. A microbiologist I know at Texas A&M University recently tested 43 different whirlpool baths—the ones you drain after use. Every single one was contaminated. 95% harbored fecal bacteria, 81% contained fungi, and 36% had the bacterium that causes Legionnaires’ Disease. All told, whirlpool tub water contained 19,565 times more bacteria than tap water.

How to protect yourself. The pipes in these tubs are a perfect breeding ground for pathogens, and the jets broadcast them everywhere—even into the air. Let me show you how to minimize this danger and still enjoy your whirlpool.

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It could double your heart-attack risk, and may
even lead to ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease)

Before they even draw the blood, you know what they’re going to tell you. “Uh-oh, you need a statin drug.” The new guidelines are so unnaturally low, testing is mostly a formality.

But my point isn’t simply that statin drugs are unnecessary and dangerous. It’s way beyond that—they’re insane, because…


Back in 1992, I kicked the beehive by insisting that cholesterol doesn’t cause heart disease. I was proven correct, but I didn’t know the half of it. Since that time, it’s also been shown that…

  • Older people with low cholesterol die twice as often from heart attacks. Dr. Harlan Krumholz of the Department of Cardiovascular Medicine at Yale University found that older people with low cholesterol died twice as often from a heart attack, compared to folks with high cholesterol.
  • Low cholesterol hikes risk of congestive heart failure. This has been confirmed by numerous research teams. One such study was headed by Professor Gregg C. Fonarow at the UCLA Department of Medicine and Cardiomyopathy Center in Los Angeles. It involved over a thousand patients with severe heart failure. People with the lowest cholesterol died twice as often from heart failure as patients with cholesterol over 223.
  • People with high cholesterol live longer, period. At least 6 different studies of older people have found that total mortality is inversely related to total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, or both. The higher your cholesterol, the longer you live.
I could go on for many more pages, documenting how high cholesterol decreases suicide and depression… how it protects you against deadly infections (that study involved over 68,000 patients) how it lowers your risk of Parkinson’s, and more. I’ll give you the full, outrageous story in your free Library of Medical Lies, but here’s one more reason right now to skip statin drugs...
  • THE LATEST: Cholesterol drugs trigger ALS?! Yes, there are individuals in wheelchairs being diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease who can trace their problems back to statin drug use. Full details in your free library, where I’ll also show you the insanely simple remedy for arteriosclerosis…
Clean your arteries for

“But don’t artery plaques contain cholesterol?” Yes they do, but lowering your cholesterol will not clean them out. EDTA chelation can do it, but the treatments cost thousands of dollars. “Oral chelation” pills cost somewhat less, but I haven’t found them effective. The real solution is laughably simple and cheap.

Make artery plaques melt away. All you need to do is lower the melting temperature of the hardened cholesterol. Then it dissolves back into your blood and literally washes away. Happily, you can do this with an absurdly affordable natural substance…

  • A 3-month supply costs $6. It’s called lecithin, and it’s sold at health food stores all over America.
  • Why it works so well. Every cholesterol particle contains lecithin— and cholesterol becomes soluble in the bloodstream only when enough lecithin is present. (Maybe you’ve heard that “good” HDL cholesterol can help scrub out your arteries? That’s because HDL particles contain more lecithin than LDL particles.) I’ll explain how to use lecithin, how much to take, and how often, in a free bonus report entitled The 10 Cent Cures for Billion-Dollar Diseases. Yours free if you order in 10 days.
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in Modern Medicine

Why that $20-a-pound wild salmon
on your plate could give you a stroke

Forget the fuss about farmed or wild. It doesn’t matter near as much as how your fish is prepared.

A recent study followed the health of 4,774 people, aged 65 to 98, for 12 long years. They ate a whole lot of fish. Healthy, right? Yet many actually raised their stroke risk by a deadly 37%.

Why? Because even wild salmon can kill you, depending on how it’s cooked. This turned out to be the main determinant of whether their seafood meals were healthy or deadly.

How to eat smarter. Save your money and send for your free Library of Medical Lies. I’ll detail the healthiest fish in the world (nearly all are much cheaper than wild salmon) and the healthiest ways to prepare them. For example, simply broiling your fish can lower your stroke risk by 28%. Other, seemingly innocent cooking methods raise your stroke risk. You’ll see how it works in your free library, where I’ll also explain how to minimize or even reverse the damage done by a stroke.

Stop a stroke in its tracks with

Mimics drug that reduces brain damage 80%

A team of neurologists at the University of Texas has discovered a very unorthodox way to protect the brain from stroke damage. Team leader Dr. James Grotta tells me that alcohol and coffee might be as effective in limiting stroke damage to the brain as some of the drugs now being used in emergency rooms.

Dr. Grotta and his colleagues tested these two common substances on stroke-induced laboratory rats. Alcohol alone made the stroke worse. Caffeine alone didn’t do anything. Yet when the two were combined, the brain was protected from stroke damage. Strange as it sounds, if someone you love suffers from a stroke…

A viable emergency treatment
just might be an Irish coffee

How it might operate. Alcohol opens up blood vessels, and caffeine is known to increase blood flow. Both work quickly, and together they appear to prevent stroke damage very effectively.

See the recipe and safety precautions in your free Library of Medical Lies. This is one technique that you must put to use immediately and correctly if it’s going to be of any help. I doubt that ER medics will start offering Irish coffee to suspected stroke victims anytime soon. You’ll need to do it quickly on your own.

P.S. An experimental drug has recently been announced that does the same thing. Caffeinol is an intravenous combination of caffeine and alcohol. When administered within two hours of a stroke, it reduces damage to the brain by up to 80%. You can bet it’s going to cost a whole lot more than Irish coffee.


Swollen prostate?

  • Millions of prostate sufferers don’t have benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH) or cancer…
  • They will probably never be helped by drugs or supplements…
  • But what they do have can be fixed in 10 minutes for free…

That’s right, as many as 80% of men will actually suffer from prostate congestion. And this is a very different condition from benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH).

It feels like BPH. Both BPH and prostate congestion have almost identical symptoms. The prostate swells, you “gotta go,” and your stream can stutter. So everyone assumes it’s BPH…

But it’s not. With BPH, your prostate tissue grows too big. By contrast, prostate congestion is caused by a “road block” of prostate fluid. Your prostate itself hasn’t grown larger—excess fluid is swelling it up.

What causes it. Lots of things. Infections, inflammation, even infrequent sex have all been linked to prostate congestion.

How to treat it. Mainstream urologists won’t help you here, even when they properly diagnose it. In 90% of cases, they’re unable to relieve it. Sometimes they’ll prescribe antibiotics and once in a while it works. More often they’ll tell you to live with it.

Prostate supplements won’t help either, but a seldom-taught secret relieves it in a jiffy…


Years of research and thousands of case histories show that prostate massage is sensationally effective. Plus, it not only works for prostate congestion, but also seems to relieve BPH.

The secret. Very simply, you massage the prostate until the excess fluid drains. It’s like unclogging a sink. Relief is nearly instantaneous. In your free Library of Medical Lies. I’ll explain the technique. You can perform it yourself, and I’ll also show you how to find a medical professional trained in the therapy. Just RSVP for the details and stop suffering.


And what works much better

Back in August of 1992, I advised my male readers to skip their annual PSA test, and I received a torrent of outraged calls and letters. So I can well imagine the flak that Dr. Thomas Stamey of Stanford University must be getting right now.

Dr. Stamey helped pioneer the PSA test. And he recently declared in no uncertain terms that it’s not only unreliable, but utterly useless. According to Dr. Stamey, 98% of the time, elevated PSA is related only to prostate size. When your prostate swells, you make more PSA. Period. It doesn’t mean you have cancer.

“You may as well biopsy a man because
he has blue eyes,” says Dr. Stamey...

Yet new guidelines from the National Comprehensive Cancer Network call for biopsies if your PSA level exceeds 2.5. This will not reduce cancer deaths, but it will make a lot more men impotent from unneeded surgery. Dr. Stamey carefully evaluated the records of 1,317 men who had their prostates removed during the past 20 years, and concluded…

“I removed a few hundred prostates I wished I hadn’t”

What to do instead. See your free Library of Medical Lies for Dr. Stamey’s far more effective alternative test and a true breakthrough that actually destroys prostate cancer cells.

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Don’t want dentures? Learn how to rebuild aging
teeth and re-grow your tooth enamel.

Avoid sweets, brush often, and see a dentist every six months to chip away dangerous dental plaque. Right? WRONG. Follow that advice and you’d better start saving up for bridgework. In fact, the most reliable research reveals that…

#1. Cavities are not caused by sugar. In fact, any chemist could tell you that tooth decay is caused by acid. This is what actually eats your enamel. And one of America’s most honored chemists, Gerard Judd, PhD, has shown that acids formed by bacteria are the least of our problems. He showed me 52 years of research demonstrating that tooth decay is primarily caused by acids in our foods and beverages. (Diet soda is one culprit. More details in your free Library of Medical Lies.)

#2. Brushing does next to nothing. By the time you brush, food acids have already destroyed significant enamel. Worse, most toothpaste contains glycerin, which coats the acids and traps them next to your teeth. Much more effective—simply rinse your teeth with water or milk every time you eat.

#3. Scraping plaque with dental probes makes gum rot worse. Dr. Judd has found that these tools create tiny holes, where acids can pool, form new cavities and trigger more gum inflammation. See your free library for what to do instead.

Happily, though, it’s not too late to rebuild problem teeth. In your free library, I’ll share the facts about a nearly free natural substance called monosodium phosphate.

  • It’s the key building-block of tooth enamel. When used properly, it’s been shown to thicken tooth enamel quite speedily. As the enamel thickens, you’ll not only see the difference, but feel less sensitivity.
  • Costs about $7 a pound, and that amount will last you over a year. I’ll provide details on how to obtain and use it in your free Library of Medical Lies, where you’ll also learn about…

Forget calcium and enjoy

How many calcium pills do you gag down every morning and evening? Yet American women still have a 40% lifetime risk of fracture. Even if calcium works a little, it’s not near enough.

So a while back, I asked myself, what are they doing in countries where women don’t break their hips? I found the answer in a dusty, forgotten set of research files from the early 20th century. And the solution turns out to be so powerful that it could wipe out osteoporosis in our country, in a matter of months.

What I found. Nearly 100 years ago, Dr. Weston Price became fascinated by the astonishing bone health of Canadian Eskimos, Australian aborigines, and several African tribes. They generally didn’t suffer spontaneous fractures or osteoporosis, even though their diets were wildly different. WHY?

The answer. It’s a nutrient that Dr. Price nicknamed “factor X.” Every one of these ethnic groups consumed great quantities, and it turns out to have a fantastic ability to help your bones absorb minerals. The richest source in our own diet may be...

Good, old-fashioned butter. In your free Library of Medical Lies, I’ll detail which kind of butter is richest in this bone-building nutrient—and an even more effective butter extract. It’s so powerful, a 6-ounce jar will take care of your bones for 3 months.

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and the real cause is curable

Thirty-five years of research in Switzerland, Germany, Japan, and the Netherlands has finally resulted in a breakthrough cure for psoriasis. I know, because I spent several years traveling to these countries, conferring with researchers, examining case histories with patients, double-checking the data...

Nevertheless, it will be at least another 10 years
before your dermatologist starts using it…

Because the new research turns all previous theories upside down. To their amazement, scientists have found this “incurable skin disease” is neither a skin disease nor incurable.

It’s actually a metabolic defect that shows up in every cell of your body. Basically, the cells of psoriasis sufferers can’t produce enough of a key compound called fumaric acid. Without fumaric acid, your cell “factories” go a bit haywire. They start manufacturing chemicals that irritate your skin. Result, psoriasis.

This explains why summer sunlight often helps people with psoriasis. Sunlight helps your cells produce a little more fumaric acid. But the effect is too slight to give lasting relief.

What does work. Fumaric acid supplements, combined with a few dietary changes, have given astonishing results in numerous clinical studies to date. In one such study, 4 out of 5 patients saw dramatic relief, with quite a few experiencing…


For as long as they kept up the regimen, they were effectively cured (Br J Dermatol 05;152(4):597–615) (Br J Dermatol 98;138(3):456–460) (Ned Tijdschr Geneeskd 85;129(11):485–486).

Fumaric acid is very safe and the side effects are mild. You may experience a tingling or flushing sensation in your skin for a bit after you take it. Let me explain how to get it, and the most effective way to use it, in your free Library of Medical Lies.

P.S. Be sure to combine the supplements with the diet changes I detail in your free library. That’s what worked in the clinical studies. You could see results in as little as a week.

Belly fat NOT caused
by overeating

And dieting won’t “burn it off,” but this will

You could cut all the carbs out of your diet, starve yourself, do a hundred crunches a day and still have a spare tire. I’ve even seen underweight patients who were skinny as a rail except around the belly. They were baffled. I wasn’t.

Why? Because waistline fat is typically caused by…

The real culprit. Adrenal fatigue. This happens when years of everyday stress deplete your adrenal glands of the hormones that keep your body toned. Without these hormones, your waistline thickens, your muscle tone worsens and you often feel tired as well. Sound familiar? Then stop starving yourself and try…

The true cure. In your free Library of Medical Lies I’ll explain how simple it is to turn this around. Specifically, I’ll tell you about a non-prescription adrenal supplement that costs pennies a day. All by itself, this adrenal-booster has been clinically shown to pare off belly fat (JAMA 04;292(18):2243–2248). RSVP for the details.

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Add 5 years to your life by

Don’t laugh. This astonishing secret “vaccinates”
you against cancer, heart disease, diabetes and…

That’s right, the most ridiculed therapy in the history of medicine is now the cutting-edge in anti-aging science, because…

FOUND: The real reason why women live
an average of 5 years longer than men

Because of their estrogen? No, says the latest research, which has even been blessed by the mainstream New England Journal of Medicine (N Engl J Med 03;348(19):1835–1837). It’s because…

They menstruate. And menstruation turns out to be nature’s way of preventing one of humankind’s deadliest plagues…

Iron overload. We’ve all been told for years that older people need more iron, but the reverse is usually true. As we get older, excess iron gradually migrates from your blood (where it belongs), to your organs (where it doesn’t). This happens earlier in the lives of men, because women lose iron whenever they get their periods. Menstruation is not a “curse.” It’s why women live longer.

Why iron is deadly. Know how iron rusts? That’s because it’s a highly reactive element—gaining and losing electrons in droves. When this happens in your body, it creates swarms of destructive free radicals. The more excess iron you have, the more free radicals you make, and the sooner you die. Specifically…

Excess iron attacks heart and artery cells. Cancer cells thrive on iron—leukemia cells, for example, contain a thousand times more iron than normal cells. And high iron has been strongly linked to insulin resistance and high blood sugar.

Yet 25 years ago, a pathologist named Jerome Sullivan discovered a laughably simple way to cure it. It’s called phlebotomy—literally, bleeding. It’s already been well-proven to reduce 5 different risk factors for heart disease, normalize insulin levels, and much more besides. Plus, a brand-new study from the brilliant researcher Dr. Leo Zacharski shows that individuals who lowered their iron levels experienced…

54% fewer deaths from all causes

That’s right, all causes. You might call bleeding a safe “vaccine” against all causes of death. The results were published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, which can hardly be accused of being far out. So here’s what to do now…

  • The free cure. Donate blood. Just donating a single unit of blood within a 3-year period has been shown to be amazingly helpful. In your free Library of Medical Lies, I’ll detail an even more effective schedule. If getting bled doesn’t appeal…
  • Your $10 alternative. I’ll tell you about a very cheap supplement developed by scientists in Japan. It’s extremely safe and will not only cleanse your body of excess iron, but…
  • May remove kidney stones, too. Full details about how it works in your free library, where you’ll also learn….
  • Why not to take vitamin C with meals. It enhances iron absorption. In your free library, I’ll also provide a list of foods that prevent iron absorption.


“But what if I’m anemic?” As you can see, iron supplements are not a great idea. Even if you’re anemic, they’ll release free radicals, doing considerable damage. You’re far better off using a breakthrough that works even for people who are not helped by iron supplements. I’ll detail the research and give a free recipe (store-bought sauerkraut doesn’t work) in your free library.

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that saved these readers and so many more…

Arteries absolutely clean! “I started on Dr. Williams’ program and 6 months later I was given an angiogram. They were all shocked when it showed no blockage at all. The doctors and nurses were awed and said they had never seen any test show up absolutely clean.”

– Frances Knudson

Bone mineral up 7.8% in 8 months! “I had a bone density done and there is an improvement in bone mineral of 7.8%!”

− Mary Ann Bastiaansen, New Jersey

Thanks for curing my cancer! “[Your breakthroughs] seem to be curing my breast cancer... made my husband’s urinary problems disappear...relieved us of many joint aches and pains!”

—Martha Meredith, Texas

No more heart trouble! “I no longer hear the ‘swishing’ noise with each heartbeat. Will send you another note when I reach 90 in 3 years!”

– Guy J. Cross, California

Back pain gone! I can run again! “Had low-back pain for many years. Shortly after becoming a subscriber to Alternatives I [followed your recommendations] and within 3 weeks this condition began to disappear. I can once again take hikes and can actually run again. I am in awe!”

– Donald L., Michigan

Bye-bye carpal tunnel! “My fingers went numb from carpal tunnel [but the incidents] occur rarely now!”

– JoAnne Hickey, Michigan

Cleared up my psoriasis! “[Your] suggestion for psoriasis worked beautifully. Thank you so much!”

– Kathleen Jochum, Illinois

No more kidney stones! I had 4 [kidney] stones before I started taking [your solution] last month. After, I had 4 x-rays done and the doctor said he couldn’t find any stones!

– Luther R. Conner, Virginia

Head of State Thanks Dr. Williams for

Violeta de Chammorro(MANAGUA, NICARAGUA) History will remember President Violeta de Chamorro for restoring democratic rule to Nicaragua. But all the while, she was secretly fighting another deadly battle—with osteoporosis. And she thanks famed scientist Dr. David Williams for his help in defeating this killer.

“Thank God my osteoporosis is under control,
President Chamorro wrote to Dr. Williams, “and
[your natural discovery] is of such great benefit. I sincerely appreciate your help in this matter. You have my appreciation and esteem.” (Discover the secret that healed her in your free library. RSVP!)

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